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Day 8 – St Benedicts whitheaven school

The day started early with good sun shining weather. Our programme was at St Benedicts whitehaven school at Whitehaven. Myself, Joe Human and Julia Franklin (Fairtrade Foundation contact) were greeted by Mr Dave Skillen, the school chaplain, and the pupils from the schools steering group members of 8th and 9th forms.  I admired the prayer and the information of  moral of justice and peace quoted from the new bible, which is relevant to Fairtrade.

We were then taken to the Business school to talk with students of Business studies (Mr.Abdullah and Miss.Morin) talked to us about Fairtrade concept, its model as well as the benefits to producers and consumers.  We had an informative question and answer session and helped to create more ideas about Fairtrade. Mr. M. Pike, the faculty instructor /teacher too was involved in our discussions.

Then we were taken to Junior level 2 class where the teacher, Bernadette, was teaching about trade injustice and playing a trading game.  I feel this is a very good new approach of teaching in an interactive and fun way whilst demonstrating the concept of Fairtrade.

Five neighboring schools with pupils from junior level students aged 7years to 14 years along with St Benedicts junior and senior students came along to hear my presentation with very nice curiosity.  It was huge cute and lovely bubbling children.There were a lot of questions came from the students which was amazing for me about the cotton crop and Fairtrade  .  I was lucky to watch thepower point and dramatic  presentations done by the young kids  which was worst mentioning.  We had snacks with the steering committee group along with Mr.Keith Hitchen, Councilor , Copeland Borough Council who is a staunch supporter of Fairtrade in Cumbria and MrDavid of Oxfam,Dave Skillen, and Mrs Brookes . I wished the group every success to make the group go further in a big way and left to my another  Fairtade fortnight destination.

St.Benedict Fairtrade streeing groupMr.KeithHitchen and me

We have been to a beautiful place called Rheged Hall to attend a conference  for the  education leaders in Cumbria and Lancashire.  The conference aims to review the national development of sustainable schools and identified curriculum approaches involving the resources of NGO’s. There were enquiries to myself, Joe and Julia on  Fairtrade . The discussion covered such as  local sustainability as well as global sustainability.We provided the  participants in depth knowledge on Fairtrade concept, especially on production of Fairtrade cotton  by  Agrocel  with traceability of its quality.  Few school representatives showed interest to introduce Fairtrade cotton uniforms, socks, sports wear and enquired about supply of materials which I acknowledged.  We were picked up by miss Lauren in her Octavia car  to  her  house in Gilsland and provided with Nice Pasta and hot Fairtrade coffee .

The entire day was so bright like the start of spring season.  Thank you Mr Joe for you hospitality and nice driving.


Have you done any SWAP today?

I have done swap.

So do it right now.


Day 7, Fairtrade Tourism Day


After an awesome breakfast provided by Jill Human, we four people (myself, Dan Morey and Mr & Mrs Joe Human) visited the historical national tourism spot of Derwentwater, with a lot of stories informed by Mr Joe Human, which was very much of interest. And we have been to the Lake Theatre, which sells all Fairtrade coffee, tea, chocolates, which after a long walk we had there (thanks to Mr Joe). Then we visited Booths supermarket and other Fairtrade shops in Keswick and was introduced the shop owners about Fairtrade Fortnight campaign, my visit to this area and also about my cotton. Today swapped for two packs of Green & Blacks Fairtrade cocoa, we will log at!

A special thanks which cannot be measured to young beardy English lad Dan Morey. In hindi Don means rowdy leader. A very sporting manner, and a very enthusiastic guy from the Fairtrade Foundation who works on tea and coffee and has promised to work on cotton also now! Once again thanks to my dear Dan Morey, he has been in swapping action today – his t-shirt is Fairtrade! Hope you all do the same.

Day 6, Barrow Fairtrade Evening


Swap Your Cuppa!

Barrow Methodist Church: there was a long drive to this place, which made the audience wait as we arrived a bit behind schedule, due long journey through the hill road. Sorry to the Labour party candidate John Woodcock as I made you to wait when you are busy with the coming elections! A wonderful group with a lot of enthusiasm, with a lot of youngsters, made this Fairtrade a big success, and getting more swaps in this town (especially more swaps to cotton). I talked more about Fairtrade cotton, it’s impact on Indian farmers, and people delighted to see how we have developed making neem oil as part of our Fairtrade cotton project.

Thanks  for  Miss  Rebekah Mills, who made announcement at the end of my presentation to go for more swapping for Fairtrade cotton apparels today as well as forever, which made me happy since I am associated with the Fairtrade cotton. I have purchased some Fairtrade chocolates after tasting some free chocolates provided by the church and Miss Chocolate Girl (Lois Kavanagh) which is my swap for the day.

Thanks to Mr Dan Morey for special spectacular Indian food which I took in my own style. And of course thanks to Mr Joe who drove me back to Keswick.

So, my message for you all who are watching my blog today, is please go for Fairtrade products, including my Fairtrade cotton. And please put your swaps on the Fairtrade Big Swap website: Also please provide your comments for improvement of my blog and if you have any questions. You can email too or

Day 6, Gosforth Fairtrade Exhibition

Next we are heading to an exhibition at Gosforth church, Fairtrade church, by the effort of Mary, Joy & Lorrie. The exhibition was a beautiful arranged display with many Fairtrade materials, and Fairtrade products. A presentation was given to the people of Gosforth and there was good interactions and discussions about premium usage and Fairtrade rules and principles. It is worth mentioning here the level consumer awareness about Fairtrade products, particularly on cotton and I have done justice of informing them the traceability of my cotton, sourced from my farmers, and how they met the rules and regulations, which was well taken. I want most of the people who are reading my blog to go for more Fairtrade cotton and of course I also want my cotton, from my company Agrocel more in UK!

Gosforth Fairtrade Group

Day 6, Millom Fairtrade Town Renewal


Millom, Fairtrade Town!

A long drive to Millom, Fairtrade town, which welcomed me with a Fairtrade sign at the town entrance, which made me more enthusiastic at the beginning of a long day. I was honored to present the renewal Fairtrade town certification to the worshipful deputy major Doug Wilson along with the dignities of 30 community members like Beryl Newbold, Susan Troll, Peggy Troll and Joan Newling. Sorry to those names I am not able to remember! I gave a presentation of Fairtrade cotton which was well received and everybody inclined towards purchase more of Fairtrade cotton. I really have to say my wishes to the children of this Millom who have beautifully decorated a shop with their paper cutting, balloons, pictures, etc, in an eye-catching display about Fairtrade. We also had a beautiful delicious lunch at a Fairtrade restaurant (‘the Byre’) with the local Fairtrade supporters, Beryl, Susan, Peggy, Joan, Doug and his wife Felicity.

Fairtrade display by Millom children

Day 5 Brampton Fairtrade Fashion Show

Brampton Fashion Show

Brampton Fashion Show

Brampton Fashion Show Sai at Fashion Show

I attended the fashion show in a great excitement, having seen only fashion shows in Africa state! It was entirely different fashion (sorry, Fairtrade cotton show!) for different age groups, which was amazing and flattered me because it is not a fashion show but introducing Fairtrade cotton in different styles for different age groups. Thanks to the organisers of this fashion show on behalf of my company Agrocel as well as my cotton. I was delighted to see so many Fairtrade products at the exhibition and enjoyed the cocktail party (with Fairtrade wineand juice, and of course cakes and biscuits). Special thanks to Lorna Strong for lending me Fairtrade cotton coat which made me fashionable, warmable and attractable…….

I most was most of all impressed about the youngsters of the William Howard School for wearing many different Indian made clothes, was awesome!

Thanks to Mr Joe Human for taking me and Dan Morey in his brand new Volkswagen Touran and made us warm on the long night journey with his affectionate welcome to his house, in Keswick.

Day 5 Langholm Academy

Students at Langholm Academy

Students at Langholm Academy

Thanks to Mr Mackay for taking us in his Rover car on the beautiful roads of interior Scotland to see the natural beauties and to reach the Langholm Academy which is 20 miles away from Lockerbie. On the way we talked about the history of Scotland and also some stories about the benefits of Fairtrade and also about Fairtrade connecting people to people for mutual help and also making unity among the human race across continents. He arranged a good interaction with around 45 students aged 12-14 years. Mr Dan started explaining about what is Fairtrade, what is it for and what are the products which students consume in their daily life. He explained how Fairtrade benefits the farmers and the community with his creative powerpoint presentation. I started my presentation with students interacting, explaining the photos in my presentation and explaining about Fairtrade cotton production and the benefits of Fairtrade. All the students are delighted in touching the cotton wool and cotton and I made them shout ‘Fairtrade cotton’. I made them ask for Fairtrade cotton whenever they purchase any clothes. Ask for Fairtrade cotton! Some students asked me about the benefits that a farmer gains by adopting Fairtrade and finally there was a questionnaire on Fairtrade prepared by Mr Mackay and it was well answered by all the students.

Thanks to Mr MacKay for providing beautiful fruits and cakes. Thanks to Mr McKenzie for dropping us back in his Citroen car.