DAY 13 06-03-10 :Attended the AGM of the Shared Interest Foundation and tasting of south Indian meal with Group.

The day started with rainy, (temperature 4.5*C) as if the New castle is weeping in happy/unhappy about my leaving the place tomorrow.

Myself and sarah has been guided by Mr. Harry Palmer visited the Library, fantastic one(Like this I never seen before) with lot of modern activities. We had good breakfast and with the help of Mr. Harry used the Internet at this new library for my writing the blog of 9th day activities and published.

Then we went by walk to the nearest place where the AGM of shared Interest foundation taking place. We were greeted by Mrs. Stella offered coffee to me and tea to Sarah( No doubt it indeed Fairtrade) and we were introduced by Mr.paul sharpe to their members.  Their regional heads from peru, south America and Nigeria shared their work experience. Really  lot of work and help done by Shared Interest has given to poor farmers and organizations with determination.  We had shared our experience to the members during the break as well as during party at the evening on the 20th anniversary birthday of Shared Interest.Stella,Lauran and Sarah-at Shared Interest AGM

Around 5.45 Pm, Mrs.Kathleen took me, Sarah, Stella and charley (a girl with smile and flower in her head) to give treat me with south Indian dinner at the Queens Road Rasa restaurant, . After receiving one by one south Indian items like papadam, pickles of different kinds, Murukku , I felt  happy  that I   got Lottery  prize. Thanks to Mrs.Kathleen, Mr.John(Ex Lord Mayor),Mrs. Audrey. Ms.Charley,  Mrs. Stella, Mrs.Norma, ( All are members of Newcastle city partnership),Mrs. Louisa (Traidcraft) and Mrs. Laura (Northumberland university) and  Ms.Sarah Jewell. It was so heavy cool night,  I enjoyed my last day at this bubbling New Castle. Special thanks to Lauren and Liam for see me off at New Castle at late night hours.

South Indian dinner with group of Fairtrade supporter of New Castle

South Indian dinner with group of Fairtrade supporters of New CastleOlive fruits

Hope all are watching my blog. Please provide me your feed back to make some more interesting.



2 Responses to “DAY 13 06-03-10 :Attended the AGM of the Shared Interest Foundation and tasting of south Indian meal with Group.”

  1. 1 Shared Interest March 10, 2010 at 9:17 am

    It was nice to talk to you at the Shared Interest AGM. Did you enjoy the video?

    • 2 krishnansainanthan March 10, 2010 at 5:33 pm

      Yes indeed a wonderful video and amazed how shared Interest is helping in a nice way.

      Keep going. My wishes


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