Day 12 05-03-10 Hexham Middle school and Queen Elizabeth High school, Hexham

This day started with brisk sun shine, (of course the temperature was 1.5*C) , I and Sarah driving a hired car to Hexam using the TOMTOM facility was interesting. We are welcomed at the Hexham primary school by Mrs. Barbara smith and the Head master Mr.David Watson. I was literally unable to bear the cold and felt as if my hand is getting frozen suddenly for few minutes’ walk from the car parking area to school office. Sarah has noticed my situation and informed the school to get me a hot coffee   ( as she knows that I prefer coffee  than tea). The venue of our meeting school kids was arranged in a auditorium of the school which was once upon time a drama hall, so big and wide. Due to more school children, we were told to conduct Fairtrade training and information sessions  for 2 groups of students (200 each/session). It was beautiful to see children in different colour dresses age group ranging from 6 to 15 years. After taking cuppa  coffee, I  became energetic to talk to the assembly of the students. Sarah took the lead and gave them good introductions about Fairtrade and and products range and also about fairtradefortnight asking them to go for swap. Students of both sessions were quite and were listening and answered us regarding Fairtrade meaning and also shouting for going for Fairtrade. I explained them about India, and its gift of nature for producing any crop there. (I got shock when Mr.Lium asked me today (6-03-10) whether Olive is grown in India-I stumbled because this crop is not grown in India). After the two sessions , IU was interviewed by Ms. Helen compasan the Chief reporter Hexam courant) regarding Agrocel, cotton, Fairtrade and my experience at Fairtrade fortnight places.

Hexham primary school studentsSai giving interview to the reporter Ms. Helen compasan

Then we are (Myself, Sarah well ,Hannah Ruszczyk(school representative for Hexham Fairtrade group) to the Fairtrade party to the parents hall where the children were getting trained in managing the cafeteria. It was good idea of making students understand the hospitality and courtesy and also a way of training in making the cafeteria run themselves  in organized manner.  This is a new thing I saw.

with cute school children training on fairtrade

I discussed with David about informing all children to take Fairtrade as trade and think that everybody is human and help to get helped way, instead of telling rich and poor .He agreed with me and informed that he will do accordingly. I was asked to take picture with students at the café posing with a student pouring Fairtrade tea to a cup in my hand. Thank you Mr.David and Mrs.Barbara for the selection of this school which is a government school, a Fairtrade school. Best of luck to all Fairtrade students.with Mr.David Watson

Then we travelled with Mrs. Barbara smith in her Nissan Note car to The Hexham Queen Elizaeth High school, which is one of the good schools having lot of courses. We were welcomed by the Head of the 6th form Mr.John Hill who taken us for registrations and then to dining hall and provided us good lunch(vegetarian to me) again managed by the students. We are then taken to a big hall where group of senior students in the age group of 16 to 19 were present.  All youngsters are well dressed and attentive ( I do not know how they will be at their class) to the presentations of sarah and me about Fairtrade details and how the cotton travel from the field to garments. The programme came to an end  by way of thanks from Mr.John Hill and greeted with applause once again.

This programme ends my fortnight presentations/talk at this beautiful place Hexham, Lovely historical and old city. We were taken round by Mrs. Barbara . Amazing to see her driving at this age so steadily and who honor me and Sarah for a good break of Fairtrade tea/coffee.

Mrs.Barabara smith and Mr.John Hill

As a token of appreciations of me and Sarah, contribution to the Fairtrade we were taken immediately to the JAIL and also under gallows (Don’t worry, only to show me). See how sarah under gallows ( as real (not reel))posing. Good to see isn’t.

Poor Sarah -having toured with me -like this -ooh

We seen the jail all the floors and got information about the history and were taken to the abbey church/cathedral and were amazed to see this old monument .  Yet again treat of Fairtrade tea/coffee with toast of bread in a nice restaurant by Mrs. Barbara smith, joined by her Husband Mr.Peter. Sarah wants to treat me in a different way since we completed our job successfully by taking me to a cinema hall THE FORUM for a film “Alice in Wonderland”. Thus this is also a new experience of seeing a cinema hall and film in England. Thank you Sarah.

Having taken lot of stuff, we were not feeling hungry, hence drove to Newcastle using the TOMTOM instructions reached quickly without any hassle.

Felt happy about the completion of my job responsibility by the Fairtrade foundations (Hope I have done justice of promoted Fairtrade successfully with future citizens of this Great Britain) and also taking heavy responsibility for making even more care for the produce what we produce under Fairtrade .me and Barabara at the magisterate place near the castle at Hexam

I thank once again to all citizens of Britain for making the world a Fairtrade zone and making everybody to feel proud. Long live Fairtrade and our relations.


Have you done More swap today? Tomorrow is the final day of FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT 2010.




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