Day 11- 04-03-10 chillingham primary School,Sunderland college and Fashion show at University

The day started with good climate of sun shine and less cold. I was very happy to be with cute kids of Chillingham primary school with their efficient and brilliant teachers. The arrangement of making the children to understand the Fairtrade and unfair trade by the management is excellent. Students understood the difference in nice and quick manner. It was wonderful thought by the teachers to organize this play to explain the importance of Fairtrade. Thanks to the head mistress as well as Ms.Stella Carmichael (New castle Fairtrade council member) for selecting this school for Fairtrade, which is celebrating today the Fairtrade day.

chillingham primary school children

 Then we have been to 6th Form College, Sunderland.  A Beautiful and clean campus with good surroundings.  We were greeted by Ms.Laura Mitford, Enrichment officer and Ms.Jill Humphries, curriculam leader. We had good lunch at the cafeteria of this college. Thanks to Sarah for taking care of me by providing nice lunch.

The students around 40 to 50 in numbers in the age group of 16 to 19 were so silent and attentive throughout our presentation. We are joined by Shared Interest Ms. Ruth Taylor. Sarah made a quick and smart introduction of Fairtrade and their products as well as fortnight information. I gave moderate information about my farmers growing of cotton and my company Agrocel in helping the sustainability of agriculture and importance of Fairtrade for all humans. I insisted them to go for all Fairtrade products as Trade and not as AID,. This word was copied from one of their postures by the students about Fairtrade, which was very good and accurate. Ms. Ruth Taylor gave tremendous informations of Shared Interest and a film about their work. She also gave freebies of Raisins of traidcraft to all including me (I got two).  Thanks to Shared interest and Ruth Taylor for freebies.6th form college,sunderland

Students of 6th form listeing to Fairtrade talk

By the evening we have been to a fashion show organized at the Sunderland University. The event was organized by Ms.Yvonne Ewington in a nice manner. Lot of stalls with Fairtrade products were displayed, were nice to watch. I was lucky to be there. I was asked to give a quick information about Fairtrade cotton farming in India and Fairtrade benefits to farmers and consumers. Thanks to Mr. John to help me in my presentation at the fashion show. Mr. Stephen Taylor, (Chair of Sunderland Fairtrade group) who welcomed all and gave a nice beginning talk . I was fascinated the way the cat walkers had Fairtrade cotton made cloths. It was very impressive and eye catching. Thanks to each and every one who has done this programme a success for the fairtrade fortnight.

We returned back to Newcastle with good memories of this beautiful day.

 University fashion show -me, sarah and stephen athe fashion show hall




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