Day 10. 03-03-2010 Visit to NorthUmbria University and Belmont Junior school Fashion show

Today we started our Fairtrade fortnight with a lovely and fantastic sun shining day. I gone for a short distance morning walk enjoying the morning atmosphere at Newcastle and had good Americano coffee. Kathleen gave a delicious morning breakfast. She took me to the Northumberland University by Bus. It was very nice bus and had good smooth journey experience which made me to compare the system at my place. I appreciate the system of respecting the signals and also giving pedestrians to cross roads, Also found in all area I have visited that no drivers of any vehicle blowing horn.

Ms. Sarah Jewell (Fairtrade foundation) event manager joins me today for the campaign at this beautiful University.

Ms. Victoria and Ms.Rachel gave introduction about Fairtrade and also about Fairtrade Cotton usage in Fashion designs and also about models posing with Fairtrade cotton. Lot of young Fashion designer listen my  presentation in a very silent manner and will be recommending and using Fairtrade cotton only in future. Mr.Doug Miller has ask regarding the suicides of farmers in India due to GMo cotton and  how Fairtrade farmers are safe with the present conditions? I answered him that due to our Agronomist visits them and also advice them on ICM(Integrated crop Management) using Biological, Natural and chemical methods of farming and utilizing more organic manure from the biomass of crops, their cost of inputs are reducedand for them assured market for their produce, hence there were no question of comparing Fairtrade farmers to other farmers. But to take the benefits of social development activities in Fairtrade village he other farmers also contribute. The girls have worked hard for past 6 weeks and produced beautiful cotton designs and were exhibited. I am sure that Northumberland University will lead in Fairtrade concept and Fairtrade cotton designs.Northumberland Fairtrade cotton cloths designs display

The Northumberland University is in a nice locality and nice new buildings and equippedwith modern technology. I found lot of students from other countries studying here. But what I found inside the campus, when I came out what I found was students are smoking within campus area and that too standing before No smoking board.

No smoking

Sorry guys. Please do not smoke inside the premises of your University and that too ………………………….

Please go for Fairtrade products SWAP today and show your university shows the way to others in promoting Fairtrade.

In the evening Sarah   take me to some shopping in the central town of Newcastle. Wonderful old buildings with lot of histories and some shops putting boards like promote Fairtrade and we serve Fairtrade coffee and Tea, which was excellent.  Then I was taken to Belmont Junior school, Durham which was around 30 Miles.

students with people tree cloths on Fashion show

I was invited for the kids Fairtrade cotton fashion show. Sarah gave initial talk stating about Fairtrade and its importance and impacts, followed by my introduction and information about Fairtrade Cotton from field to cloth. All the students were wearing cloths made from the Fairtrade cotton from different companies like People Tree, Traidcraft, Gossypium and Bishopston.

I was happy through out to see the kids fashion show which was unforgettable to me. I must thank and congratulate Mrs. Kathryn sygrove (Chair of Durham city partnership) for making the show perfect as well as with good cotton cloths from People tree and Gossypium. I must say congrats  to Ms.Helan phillips for making the show and arranging the kids to perform is intelligent and delightful.

We drove back to Mrs. Kathleen house and had nice chitchat with Mrs. Katleen, her friend Mrs.PatJohnson and Mr. Harry palmer regarding promotion of Fairtrade products in coop and other shops .

It was wonderful and one of the unforgettable day in my life.



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