DAY-9 02-03-2010,Visit to Haltwhistle school

Haltwhistle school

Wonderful  morning sight of snow  everywhere due to night frost, Mr.Niger Theobaldtook me and Julia in his CITROEN car Halwhistle event school, where we weregreeted by theHeadteacher Anne Ensell and Mr.Neyle Hurst. We wee taken to a big makeshift hall and big gatering ofschool children (may bearound 80 to 90). I understand that they are having some projects on India and its traditions and also on Hindu Gods.  Julia  gave the stduents a idea about fairtradeand Fairtrade foundation activities and also the Big swap informations, followed by my Fairtarde  cotton farmers and their way of growing and the benefits of joing the Fairtrade and the usage of Premium for different social and economical developments in villages. Students askedbrilliant doubts about Indian agriculture  comparision with British agriculture,to enquiring my habits,to different gods. ( I will be writing the questions of younger bristish future citizens asked me in differnet schools after returning to India). Thanks to the Head mistressfor showing different classrooms and introducing to different teachers and her interest for making this Government school for fairtrdae school in due course of time. I will be very happyif this school becominga fairtrade school, because, I may be the one among others  as instrumenal for making this school for fairtrade, as I feel lot of opportunity are available.

We are then brought back to Birdoswald by Mr.Niger.We are joined by ms.Rachel of fairtrade foundation (cotton department)and Mr.Joe human to attend the  Hadrian’s wall marketing seminar for exploring the  marketing opportunities of  fairtrade products through their members who are promoting tourism in Hadrin’s wall area. Beautiful photographs of Roger was displayed in the conference hall. My visit to this area gave me an opportunity to visit the ancient  Romen  fort , which was amazing.

Mr.Fairtrade man

Mr.Joe Humanhas presented in his fantastic style about the meaning of  Fairtrade and brand and why does it matter and also about coofee fairtrade before and after fairtrade in Ethiopia, followed by me about cotton farming in India and its importance of Fairtrade quoting case study of Rapar area fairtrade impact. It was very well acknowledged by thegroup. Hope they group is determind to go for fairtrade products including cotton  cloths in particular.

Mr.Paul Sharpe  of shared Interest, gave an impressive presenation of  Fairtrade investment for corporae socialresponsibility .

There was good questions about usage of premium by the fairtrade farmers and alsoimpacts of fairtrade on cottonfarmers.

Thanks to Rachel to drop me by colassa car to Kathleen house(he is meber of shared interest and also an active Fairtrade campaigner) at New Castle.Me,Ms.Kathleen and her friend  Ms.Pat Johnson took me round to Sailsbury and Coop stores and shown me different staking of Fairtrade products . I  must thank Mr.Khan of Coop to pose me a photo of 2 bottle beers with Fairtrade marks.


Thanks to Ms.Kathleen Ms. Pat Johnson and Mr.HarryPalmer for the company and special thanks for good Dinner of Rice and Potato curry. Mr.Kathleen  displayed  fairtrade products of all kinds in her house,worth to watch her interest and support for fairtrade. Thanks for this Kathleen.

Hope you have done swap today.

 See you all tomorrow


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