Day 8 – St Benedicts whitheaven school

The day started early with good sun shining weather. Our programme was at St Benedicts whitehaven school at Whitehaven. Myself, Joe Human and Julia Franklin (Fairtrade Foundation contact) were greeted by Mr Dave Skillen, the school chaplain, and the pupils from the schools steering group members of 8th and 9th forms.  I admired the prayer and the information of  moral of justice and peace quoted from the new bible, which is relevant to Fairtrade.

We were then taken to the Business school to talk with students of Business studies (Mr.Abdullah and Miss.Morin) talked to us about Fairtrade concept, its model as well as the benefits to producers and consumers.  We had an informative question and answer session and helped to create more ideas about Fairtrade. Mr. M. Pike, the faculty instructor /teacher too was involved in our discussions.

Then we were taken to Junior level 2 class where the teacher, Bernadette, was teaching about trade injustice and playing a trading game.  I feel this is a very good new approach of teaching in an interactive and fun way whilst demonstrating the concept of Fairtrade.

Five neighboring schools with pupils from junior level students aged 7years to 14 years along with St Benedicts junior and senior students came along to hear my presentation with very nice curiosity.  It was huge cute and lovely bubbling children.There were a lot of questions came from the students which was amazing for me about the cotton crop and Fairtrade  .  I was lucky to watch thepower point and dramatic  presentations done by the young kids  which was worst mentioning.  We had snacks with the steering committee group along with Mr.Keith Hitchen, Councilor , Copeland Borough Council who is a staunch supporter of Fairtrade in Cumbria and MrDavid of Oxfam,Dave Skillen, and Mrs Brookes . I wished the group every success to make the group go further in a big way and left to my another  Fairtade fortnight destination.

St.Benedict Fairtrade streeing groupMr.KeithHitchen and me

We have been to a beautiful place called Rheged Hall to attend a conference  for the  education leaders in Cumbria and Lancashire.  The conference aims to review the national development of sustainable schools and identified curriculum approaches involving the resources of NGO’s. There were enquiries to myself, Joe and Julia on  Fairtrade . The discussion covered such as  local sustainability as well as global sustainability.We provided the  participants in depth knowledge on Fairtrade concept, especially on production of Fairtrade cotton  by  Agrocel  with traceability of its quality.  Few school representatives showed interest to introduce Fairtrade cotton uniforms, socks, sports wear and enquired about supply of materials which I acknowledged.  We were picked up by miss Lauren in her Octavia car  to  her  house in Gilsland and provided with Nice Pasta and hot Fairtrade coffee .

The entire day was so bright like the start of spring season.  Thank you Mr Joe for you hospitality and nice driving.


Have you done any SWAP today?

I have done swap.

So do it right now.


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