Day 7, Fairtrade Tourism Day


After an awesome breakfast provided by Jill Human, we four people (myself, Dan Morey and Mr & Mrs Joe Human) visited the historical national tourism spot of Derwentwater, with a lot of stories informed by Mr Joe Human, which was very much of interest. And we have been to the Lake Theatre, which sells all Fairtrade coffee, tea, chocolates, which after a long walk we had there (thanks to Mr Joe). Then we visited Booths supermarket and other Fairtrade shops in Keswick and was introduced the shop owners about Fairtrade Fortnight campaign, my visit to this area and also about my cotton. Today swapped for two packs of Green & Blacks Fairtrade cocoa, we will log at!

A special thanks which cannot be measured to young beardy English lad Dan Morey. In hindi Don means rowdy leader. A very sporting manner, and a very enthusiastic guy from the Fairtrade Foundation who works on tea and coffee and has promised to work on cotton also now! Once again thanks to my dear Dan Morey, he has been in swapping action today – his t-shirt is Fairtrade! Hope you all do the same.


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