Day 6, Barrow Fairtrade Evening


Swap Your Cuppa!

Barrow Methodist Church: there was a long drive to this place, which made the audience wait as we arrived a bit behind schedule, due long journey through the hill road. Sorry to the Labour party candidate John Woodcock as I made you to wait when you are busy with the coming elections! A wonderful group with a lot of enthusiasm, with a lot of youngsters, made this Fairtrade a big success, and getting more swaps in this town (especially more swaps to cotton). I talked more about Fairtrade cotton, it’s impact on Indian farmers, and people delighted to see how we have developed making neem oil as part of our Fairtrade cotton project.

Thanks  for  Miss  Rebekah Mills, who made announcement at the end of my presentation to go for more swapping for Fairtrade cotton apparels today as well as forever, which made me happy since I am associated with the Fairtrade cotton. I have purchased some Fairtrade chocolates after tasting some free chocolates provided by the church and Miss Chocolate Girl (Lois Kavanagh) which is my swap for the day.

Thanks to Mr Dan Morey for special spectacular Indian food which I took in my own style. And of course thanks to Mr Joe who drove me back to Keswick.

So, my message for you all who are watching my blog today, is please go for Fairtrade products, including my Fairtrade cotton. And please put your swaps on the Fairtrade Big Swap website: Also please provide your comments for improvement of my blog and if you have any questions. You can email too or


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  1. 1 Reece May 17, 2013 at 8:55 am

    Your stuff is really important.

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